Undercut Hairstyle for Men

Undercut Hairstyle For Men

David Beckham Quiff Undercut

No matter what type of hair you have, be it curly or directly, if your hair is long then there are hair designs to suit you.

Hair designs for long hair do not work that well if the hair is great, or if the face is slim and long fit. But for hair that has a great medium to thick structure, then there is plenty that can be done.

Long hair can take some prep work, due to the quantity of hair on the head. If you are pushed for time, then a classic design such as a pony tail or several pony tails can be produced quickly.

If you are feeling more adventurous and are preparing a journey to the beauty parlor, 2 designs which are good for those with long hair are the Long Undercut and the Long Graduated Cut.

The Long Undercut is comparable to a shoulder length ‘bob’ design hair cut. The hair cut begins at the bottom and works it method to the top. This makes each individual layer slightly longer than the layer underneath it. Exactly what this does is to give the hair a much heavier take a look at the ends with a slight under curve. If the hair is curly to begin with, then the under curl at the ends will certainly be more prominent.

The Long Graduated Cut starts from bottom to top. Each individual layer gets much shorter as it works its method up and ends by mixing into the top. If the hair is curly or wavy to start with, then this hair design works well. Likewise, this design works much better on medium to thick hair but not so well on great hair.

Having long hair offers the individual numerous choices of hairdo. And with the ideal hairdresser working his or her magic, then the choices for various hairstyles are only restricted by the imagination of the stylist.

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